As many of us know, David Bowie passed away January 11 at the age of 69. This man was not only a legendary musician, but was also involved in the fashion world as well as the internet. Yes, it is true, David Bowie founded the internet company known as UltraStar.

UltraStar was a company that had a plan to bring celebrities online by creating their own ISPs and portals filled with customized online content. These would be on-ramps to the “Information Superhighway” for the celebrities’ fans, and UltraStar would make sure there would be plenty of billboards dedicated to the celebs as fans sped by. But how does this connect David Bowie to the New York Yankees?

His company created the Yankees official website. The website offered fans dial-up Internet access and membership in an online fan club, which is dated now but was a huge highlight when first debuted. “We couldn’t be more pleased to be working with the premier team in all of sports,” Bowie once said in a statement. “We hope to deal with one of the most profound unanswered questions in all of sports: Paul O’Neill can play drums, Bernie Williams can play guitar, but who’s on bass?”

Bowie was also part of a team in his early years. Bowie was a member of a group of expatriate Canadians who had a team called the Dulwich Blue Jays, and they’d play on weekends. He used to play in the outfield.

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