Installation Tips

Stadium Facade Installation Tips


For all sizes of Stadium Facade: 

Make sure that your wall is already painted and ready before installing the Panels and Joiners of your Stadium Facade.

If you plan to trim the panels: Measure Twice, Cut Once!!! All panels can be trimmed to size

If you plan to paint the pieces, it’s much easier to prime and paint the panels and joiners before you install them.

It’s easier to install the Stadium Facade with an air nailer. If you can use 1.25″ brad nails, that would be appropriate for most applications. Nail the top 2 corners of the panel, and the center if needed. If you are not using a nail gun, you may want to pre-drill holes to prevent the panel edges from splitting.  Fill any exposed nail holes, and touch up with white semi gloss paint if needed.

For the Small and Medium Stadium Facade:

Determine a starting point, ideally in a corner, and hang a “Center” panel. Add “Right” or “Left” panels to either side to the length desired. (For Example: If you start in a left corner of a wall, you would continue to add “Right” panels, onto the wall to the right of the first “Center” panel. )

For the XL and Large Stadium Facade:

First determine length of your wall, and figure out your Panel spacing to make sure that all Panels are evenly spaced. Panels can be spread apart to add a few inches to the overall length if needed. Panels can also be trimmed to fit in a shorter space. The space between the Panels will be covered by Joiner pieces, which are placed on top of the panels ends. Joiners are available either 2″ or 2.5″ wide, depending on the spacing of the Panels, and the look you desire. Inside and outside corners are made up of two individual Joiners aligned at right angles. Joiner pieces can be glued onto the panel sections with white latex caulk, then held in place with Blue Painters Tape until the caulk has dried. Or Joiner pieces can be nailed in place with a headless pin nailer or brad nailer. Hang all the main Facade Panels first. Then center a Joiner piece over each Panel seam, covering the nail holes in Facade Panels.


Retired Numbers Installation Tips

The best way to install the disks is with 2-sided tape or with some small brads driven through the face of the blue outer disk.


If you would like assistance determining which pieces you need for your room view our Ordering Tips, or email your specs and which style of Panels you prefer (Tall 10″ x 24″ or Short 7.75″ x 24″) to, or call us at 1-631-859-0405.