If you’re a Yankees fan, then you know that after every game Frank Sinatra blares from the speakers of Yankee Stadium. How did this New York anthem come to be famously connected with the Yankees? It all began with George Steinbrenner. He was a huge fan of music and frequented many clubs in the area. Steinbrenner went to Jimmy Weston’s dinner club, a place where Frank Sinatra would also appear. Steinbrenner became good friends with a disc jockey there who would give him songs to play during baseball games. When Steinbrenner heard “Theme from New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra, he played it at the stadium and it became a ritual that after every game, that song would be played. Though Sinatra made this song famous, it was originally recorded by Liza Minnelli for a Martin Scorsese film. For a while, every time the Yankees lost, the Liza Minnelli version would be played and every time they won, they would play the Sinatra version. Minnelli was not happy about this and so the Yankees dropped her version altogether in favor of Frank Sinatra’s tune. So now, after every ball game at Yankees Stadium, you can be sure to hear “Theme from New York, New York” sung, of course, by Ol’ Blue Eyes.

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