Ordering Tips

Ordering Tips for Yankees Stadium Facade

Check your wall, ceiling, window and doorway clearances before ordering!

XL Stadium Facade Panels are 10″ high, and Joiners are 11.5″ high.

Large Stadium Facade Panels are 7 3/4″ high, and Joiners are 9″ high.

Joiners are available in 2 or 2.5″ widths (Wide or Narrow) to allow the panels to fit in a variety of room configurations.

Medium Facade Panels are about 23″W x 3.875″H with attached joiners. Choose Right, Left or Center Panels.

Small Facade Panels are about 23″W x 2″H with attached joiners. Choose Right, Left or Center Panels.

Measure the space above all your doors and windows to be sure the Panels and Joiners will fit your room.

Figuring out what to order:
To install the XL or Large Stadium Facade on a 10 foot long wall, you would need 5 facade panels at 24″ wide each, and 4 joiners to cover the middle seams and one joiner for each wall end, for a grand total of 6 joiners and 5 panels. You can choose from the 2″ (Narrow) or 2.5″ (Wide) Joiner pieces, based on your personal preference and space allowances. Facade Panels can be spread apart to add a few inches to the overall length if needed. Panels can also be trimmed to fit in a shorter space. Joint seams are hidden by Joiner pieces. Inside and outside corners are made up of two joiners which can be Wide or Narrow Joiner pieces depending on your preference.

Check out our Stadium Facade Wall Kits designed to fit many standard wall lengths.

If you would like personal assistance determining which pieces you need for your room, email your specs and which style of Panels you prefer (XL 10″ x 24″ or Large 7.75″ x 24″, Medium is 3.875 tall and Small is 2″ tall. ) to help@carvedwoodshop.com, or call us at 1-631-859-0405.

For more suggestions, check out our Installation Tips.